Symphony in Silvers

One of the highlights of the evening was a fairy-tale cellist playing within a luminescent sphere

Moonlight and stars glittered over guests at the Correctional Services Awards Dinner

We wanted guests to step into a bewitching wonderland,” says Kathy Page-Wood from Farm Design Events. “So we turned CTICC’s main banquet hall into a magical ballroom fit for royalty.”

Farm Design Events’ vast experience in corporate banquets of this size, and their talent for creating unforgettable settings, ensured that a stark conference hall became a whimsical, sparkling extravaganza that enthralled the 1500 guests! No mean feat for a 2000 m² room.

Glittering tulle, silver jacquard, majestic candelabra, silver swallows, crystals and fairy lights created the sensation of stepping into an enchanted forest. Tables and chairs were purposely different sizes and shapes, which made each setting more intimate and personal. Smoky dry ice added spectacular drama.

Hidden dry ice created mystical mist over tables as guests moved to their seats
Overhead chandeliers twinkled silver, blue and white throughout the night
Stylish high-back transparent chairs and tall crystal candelabra set the magical mood on round tables
Glittering tulle draped over rectangular tables for ten, with shimmering LED trees in the background
Silver jacquard, candelabra and regal lilies decorated VIP tables
Star-spangled trees added magic and whimsy to the banquet
Living sculptures intrigued guests

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