Natasha was a fantastic bride to work with. She knew what she wanted and there was never any hesitation about any of Farm Design Events décor ideas. Her mind was firmly set on having the best day ever and not wasting anytime sweating the small stuff.We chose an Antique dusty pink as a starting point and built the décor from there.ZaraZooGN150214_211The floral component was collections of Summer flowers in mercury glass old silver and crystal. Scattered among the flowers were tiny Antique pink, velvet lampshades that added a special touch.ZaraZooGN150214_210Behind the bridal table we hung a string of Carnival lights with ribbon, this created a beautiful focal point for the main table.The big old tree in the garden was strung with ribbons and hearts; this is where guests sipped champagne on arrival.It was a special day for the couple and for us we were very honoured to be apart of it all.ZaraZooGN150214_212 ZaraZooGN150214_211 ZaraZooGN150214_208 ZaraZooGN150214_209 ZaraZooGN150214_205 ZaraZooGN150214_204 ZaraZooGN150214_202 ZaraZooGN150214_203 ZaraZooGN150214_207 ZaraZooGN150214_219

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