Valentine and opera evening

Guests arrived at the venue dressed in formal attire they were greeted with chilled bubbly and whisked down the passage for a romantic photograph.

The majestic domed venue of Centre for the Book provided the perfect setting for the fun yet, informative evening of opera. Intimate tables of 8, glowing with flickering candle light and gold on gold themed décor completed the look.

Canapes were served and unbeknown to the guests, mingling among them, dressed to the nines, were our opera singers. At the given moment, a waiter dropped his tray, tore off his apron and threatened to resign. Guests stood aghast one member even stepping forward to project the saprano. After a few awkward seconds, they burst into song. The classic “Bella Figlia Delatorre”.

Under the expert guidance of Amanda Rosaria the guests were taught about all the wonders of opera. Amanda emphasized the theme of love and loss in opera in keeping with our Valentine theme. Our opera stars sang many well know opera classics and guests realized they “actually” knew” a lot of opera. As an added bonus guests were taught the chorus of Nessum Dora, (the words were printed on the back of the menus)

After a sumptuous 3 course dinner and the best South African wines the evening ended with guests on the stage singing Nessum Dorma. They really experienced the life of an opera singer “Through their Eyes”




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