Conference infrastructure and logistics

Farm Design Events was tasked to provide the infrastructure and logistics for a three-day conference for 350 delegates. We sourced a venue that had to accomodate two large conference plenary rooms, multiple meeting areas, lunch and dinner facilities for 350 and a satellite catering kitchen and bar. The Lookout at the V&A Waterfront was chosen for the event.

Time pressure

The complete setup had to be completed in six hours as we only had access to the venue from 1am in the morning and had to be completed by 7.00am. The venue consists of one large hall and a toilet block. We added two large tents, catering facilities, furniture audio visual and decor elements.

A marquee was erected to be used as one of the plenary rooms.
Build-up of all infrastructure started after midnight. The venue could easily accommodate the many trucks and delivery vehicles.
Tables and chairs were set out while electricians installed air-conditioning and AV engineers sound and lighting.
Outside, on the deck overlooking Table Bay, networking lounges and conversation tables were placed.

Farm Design Events organised the logistics with military precision and briefed the best teams to be ready to work from the get go. Multiple setups happened simultaneously and everything was ready in the morning.

Daylight is nearing …
Breakfast, prepared in the on-site kitchen tent, is ready for the arrival of the conference delegates.

Ir is 07h00, and we are ready for a three-day conference – sourcing the venue; installing all infrastructure from tents, to AV, furniture, power and decor; to appointing catering and designing menus.

Throughout the three days of the conference the venues were refreshed and redecorated as needed.

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