A cultural experience for international guests

A colourful communal table with ‘garden flowers’  as decor was laid out in the centre of the venue.

The AMALI City Leadership Programme annually provides 20 city leaders from across 11 African countries with exclusive, tailored support to hone their visions for their cities. The programme is a partnership between the African Centre for Cities (ACC) and Big Win Philanthropy. The programme began with an immersive, four-day leadership Forum at the University of Cape Town. Farm Design Events was responsible for four social events during the four days.

As the finale of a tour of the District Six area and museum, Farm Design Events designed a dinner in the Homecoming Centre for after the tour. We wanted the international delegates to experience authentic Cape Town with local food, entertainment and decor. Every aspect of the event was designed to deliver an authentic Cape Malay experience – entertainment, food, decor. We wanted to design the event so it felt as if the delegates were have supper in the kitchen of a District Six home.

Farm Design was also responsible for designing the menus to both compliment the event and the venue, but also build onto the graphic identity of the AMALI programme.

Kathy Page Wood worked with the iconic Kaapse Kos chef, Gadija Khan, to design a classic Cape Malay menu. Daltjies (Cape Malay chilli bites) and other savoury snacks were on the table when guests arrived followed by a choice of three delicious Malay dishes – Lamb biryani (a fragrant rice dish with spices and potatoes and marinated lamb), Steak mafroo (marinated steak in aromatic spices served on a bed of cumin rice), and Chicken curry with potatoes served with rice or Roti. Desserts came in the form of Koesisters (spicy glazed doughnuts rolled in coconut), Baked potato pudding with stewed fruit, and Bollas (doughnut with cinnamon sugar).

Gadija Kahn, the chef of Kaapse Kos. Follow them on Intsagram @kaapsekos

Everyone was wowed by the colourful and joyous rendition of “Welcome to Cape Town” delivered by a troop of Cape Minstrals.

The Cape Minstrals delivered the uniquely Capetonian sound of ghoema.
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