African Centre for Cities Conference UCT

Delegates came from all over the world for The African Centre for Cities Conference, which was hosted at UCT. Side events included two book launches and a party in Granger Bay and Farm Design Events handled all logistics, in addition to online registration, and the rearrangement of furniture for different speakers – facilitating a state of the art conference.

Over the 3-day conference Farm Design Events organised all the AV in the main plenary and 15 breakaway rooms, plus morning and afternoon tea and snacks, and lunch for 550 people daily – totalling 1650 meals. On the last day, picnic boxes were packed for the 550 delegates. Meals were in recyclable portions, enabling movement and communication.

Farm Design handled all social events, plus rearrangement of the venue to host the book launches. Decor reflected corporate identity, with red and green echoed throughout. Farm Design also made lanyards and brought in 16 trees, which were later donated to Oranjezicht City Farm (OZCF).

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