Gender Mainstreaming Awards 2022

We are proud to have designed The Accenture Gender Mainstreaming Awards 2022, an event created to ensure equal representation in the working world, and celebrating those who have gone the extra mile to promote inclusivity.
The event design was inspired by citrus fruits and their happy and uplifting colours – simply put they say: ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ The light tones of the décor created a warm and inviting atmosphere, which was perfectly paired with seeing happy faces together again!
Amongst the the tables was a breakfasting feast: giant cake stands tumbling with fruits, pastries, flapjacks and berries, all promising that Summer is just around the corner!
At Event Design by Farm, we strive to design events that make sense, that engage, and make a change in the world.

The highlight of the décor were cake stands overflowing with pastries & fruits, bringing Summer to July!


Table centerpieces bursting with colour and fresh fruits


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