Rise 2022 – Residential Summit

*This is what Brilliant looks like*

An initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust, the Rise Residential Summit brings together 100 young adults from around the world to learn and network with others, and supports them for life with scholarships, mentor programs, and funding opportunities.

We are so grateful to have designed the ‘Chill-out Lounge’ for the summit, a creative & interactive space for the children to advance their ideas outside of their curriculum. It was important that the space was child-friendly – but not childish – and so we kept the décor sleek but fun.

The centrepiece of the Lounge was our custom-built ‘Snack Shack’, a groovy, selfie-ready bus to give the space a special atmosphere. For activities, we focused on screens-off, hands-on activities such as board games and table tennis, and this paid off as they didn’t want to leave at all!

The statement ‘Snack Shack’!
Dining area of the ‘Chill-out Lounge’, with high-top tables and barstools to create a mature atmosphere.
Kick back in style and get to know each other
African-inspired centrepieces, created for the entrance halls to celebrate the program’s first time in Africa!
Outdoor area with table tennis and string lights
We even recreated the South African flag in bean bags!
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