Small, intimate networking dinner

Farm Design Events was entrusted with crafting an appreciation dinner for a corporate client’s top VVIPs.

Well known for our corporate gala dinners and conferences, this small, bespoke, intimate, and highly customized event demonstrated our versatility.

The once empty private dining area of a top Cape Town restaurant was furnished and dressed for a small corporate VVIP dinner.

We transformed a plain private room into a captivating dining space, setting up a long table adorned with a navy tablecloth and white cotton napkins. Subtle gold accents added a touch of opulence, with gold-rimmed base plates, glassware, cutlery, and vases seamlessly integrated.

White King proteas, yellow Cymbidium orchids, and gold Magnolia leaves were used in floral arrangements.

Floral arrangements showcased White King proteas, yellow Cymbidium orchids, and gold Magnolia leaves, complemented by spring blooms, elegantly gracing the table.

These choices aligned perfectly with the client’s corporate colours.

The appreciation dinner, enriched by attentive service and delectable cuisine, fostered laughter, toasts, and meaningful connections.

A place to relax in comfort after a delicious dinner.

Beyond the table, the empty tiled entrance had been transformed into a luxurious lounge, complete with plush cushions and carpets. Here guests were able to relax after dinner, indulging in Cognac and abundant local cheese boards.

Guests concluded the evening in chauffeur-driven BMWs, accomplishing the event’s objective—an unforgettable experience of appreciation and industry connections.

The venue before (and the day after)

The venue before Kathy transformed it.

After the event

The often overlooked task of breaking down an event, and redistributing all decor items, is all in a days work at Farm Design Events.

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