Artistry unveiled: A brunch amidst hat-making magic

The colourful guests and table in the middle of the busy hat factory.

Kathy Page Wood designed an exceptional brunch at Chrystal Birch’s renowned hat factory. The event was strategically set amidst the factory’s active production, adding complete originality and authenticity.

The design concept blended seamlessly with the factory surroundings. A cloud of Sinamay, the material used for crafting hats, hung gracefully above a white linen-covered table. Complementing the setup were white-washed French-style wicker chairs, while floral arrangements incorporated machine bobbins, paying homage to the factory ambiance.

The culinary selection was equally artful. Guests indulged in miniature hat cupcakes, smoked salmon and latkes, carrot cake, and exceptional coffee. These delectables mirrored the event’s fusion of craftsmanship and creativity.

Crystal Birch, fabulously inspirational – telling tales of her love hats, inspirations, and her journey from a stylist to a miliner …

The highlight of the event was Chrystal Birch’s talk about her journey in the millinery world. Her motivating talk mirrored the essence of the event – a blend of tradition and innovation, forming a narrative of passion and dedication.

Delighted guests wearing their iconic hats.

Adding to the allure, each guest received a custom hat inspired by their favourite exotic elements – flowers, birds, or animals. These bespoke pieces personalised the experience, linking art with fashion.

The event provided a refreshing departure from the ordinary, enchanting attendees with its unique setting, gourmet offerings, and empowering narratives. Kathy Page Wood’s imaginative event planning combined seamlessly with Chrystal Birch’s millinery expertise, culminating in an affair that celebrated artistry and the joy of living.

Kathy Page Wood, with Richard Chamberlain of Out of this Planet Catering, who served delicious small canapés for brunch.
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