University Research Conference

The African Future Infrastructure conference, hosted by African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Farm Design Events was responsible for audio visual (AV) in the auditorium. There was live streaming, interpreting and recording. Furniture set was modern and included cocktail and dining seating.

The lunch breaks were an important networking opportunity, and we designed an easy-to-eat menu that was served under cabanas for shade. Table Mountain provided the florals for the harvest table. It was a relaxed and stylish event for the hard-working delegates.

We designed the menu to offer a variety of options, ensuring that all dietary requirements were met. Given the summer season, we aimed for the food to be light yet plentiful.

The table itself was visually stunning.

A fresh and innovative approach to conferencing

What sets Farm Design Events apart is our fresh and innovative approach to hosting conferences. We provide state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and high-level security, ensuring a safe and engaging environment. Our meticulously designed food offerings keep delegates on site, while our memorable and, where possible, unique social programs encourage meaningful networking and relaxation. .

From early in the morning, we ensured that everything operated seamlessly. This required a strong and capable team to address any unforeseen issues. We hosted a cocktail event on the first night, served hamburgers and chips on the second night, and concluded with a traditional South African braai for the closing event.

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